With the recent news of more tough times ahead for business, many organisations may look towards cutting spend on areas such as learning and development. However, investment in coaching should be seen as an essential for a business during this period.

Organisations increasingly expect their leaders to adapt and respond quickly to changing business needs - often requiring a step change in performance.

Evidence shows that a success factor in developing skills is not only the opportunity to practice but also the time to review the situation and look at what you have learned and evaluate ideas which you may have previously dismissed.

So do you invest time to reflect on your successes and setbacks – using these situations as an opportunity to learn and move on to greater success? If your answer is “never” or “not often enough” then maybe now is the time to put yourself and your business in a position of strength.

Coaching can help you tap into and understand the behaviours which will work positively for you through the tough times, taking a fresh perspective on problems and focusing on what is important. A coach can help you evaluate your proposed actions, look at a range of alternatives and then enable you to use your own and your organisation’s resources to the best advantage in a changed operating environment.

Often one of the key challenges in moving forward is your own experience of dealing with setbacks.

By understanding your own resilience and approach to taking tough decisions – you can start to change the outcome of these challenging situations.

Finally, by stepping back and taking a new perspective on the challenges of delivering more with fewer resources you can start to visualise and shape your organisation beyond the tough times.

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