In our last newsletter we focused on recruitment and the importance of getting this process right - but when does the process stop? Is it when the offer is made? Or when it’s accepted? Is it when all the paperwork and references have been completed or when the employee starts on day 1?

Making an offer and getting it accepted may feel like you’ve done your job but the period between accepting a job offer and starting a new role is critical. It’s a great opportunity for you to continue building a relationship with your new employee, providing relevant information and ensuring their arrival cements their belief that they’ve made the right decision to join you.

Induction processes don’t need to be expensive or time consuming, but they do need to be thought through, well planned and implemented. A good induction should make sure you have motivated and engaged employees who can perform more effectively and quickly.

Too many inductions focus on downloading huge amounts of information, whereas the most effective induction helps employees build relationships and gives them an early experience of the work they’ll be doing.

There is an often quoted saying that people “join an organisation but leave a manager”. It’s important to ensure managers are well prepared for planning and delivering induction for new staff.

Often induction is only planned for a few days or weeks but typically it takes a newly appointed manager between 6 and 18 months to become fully effective in their new role. A well planned and effectively delivered induction will reduce any anxieties of the new employee, increase their commitment and save time for managers in the long run.

If you’d like a copy of our Induction Overview and Checklists then please get in touch.

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