This is all about getting the right people with the right skills and attitudes in the right jobs and at the right time for you.

Any plans should link closely to the organisation’s strategy and business plan and be based on sound information but be flexible to ensure an organisation can respond to changing needs.

Workforce planning can cover a variety of areas but is likely to include consideration of succession planning, flexible working, and supply of labour, skills audits, role design and career planning.

As part of the planning process, you may look at internal factors such as turnover, absence, the demographics of your workforce and working patterns. You will also need to look at external factors such as the labour market, customer satisfaction and developments in your sector which may influence the type of workforce you need.

The benefits of undertaking regular workforce planning is that it allows you to be proactive in managing your workforce, giving opportunities for skills development, flexible working and improved communication which can lead to improvements in employee engagement which research shows can have a positive impact on an organisation’s overall performance.

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