One of our popular offerings is support for adhoc HR matters such as advice on dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues. We often get asked to help with a process when it has progressed to a significant stage and may have become a little complicated. There are a few basic things you can do, as an employer, to ensure you keep the process on track. So in no particular order:

Deal with issues promptly - don’t unnecessarily delay

Have clear written policies and procedures - and then follow them

Keep accurate notes, copies of letters and documents and written records of meetings

Prepare a structure for meetings but ensure you listen, respond and clarify points during the meeting. This will save you having to reconvene meetings at a later date

Give employees reasonable notice of hearings

Ensure employees are notified of their right to be accompanied at hearings - your policy should clarify who is an appropriate representative

The person carrying out any investigation should not be directly responsible for the employee(s) and should not be the person conducting the hearing

If in doubt, follow the ACAS code of practice on Disciplinary and Grievance

Communicate, communicate, communicate - have clear written rules on matters such as timekeeping, personal appearance, conduct etc

Be consistent

And finally - if you’re unsure of what to do next - give us a call!

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