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Whether you’re about to recruit your first employee, or you’re managing a large scale change in your organisation, award-winning Jo Adams Consulting can help you achieve fast, effective results. We can help you maximise positive outcomes for all staff, achieve a smoother transition – and deliver direct impact on bottom line performance. Our four core values – Integrity, Impact, Trust and Practicality – are applied to every client, regardless of sector, to bring out the best in your staff and improve all-round company performance.


“Research has repeatedly demonstrated a relationship between how people are managed, employee attitudes and business performance.” - The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Successful businesses are run by people who manage employees effectively, and develop staff who demonstrate a positive attitude to their roles. Jo Adams Consulting works to maximise the potential of managers and employees by building personal confidence and professionalism across the board, and streamlining HR systems to enable individual staff members to perform their roles to the maximum. The result is strong team performance supporting a workplace where every member of staff focuses on the business objectives, and their role in achieving them. A structured, motivated and goal-oriented workforce leads to a happier, more productive working environment, delivering tangible improvements in bottom line performance.

Relevant, flexible development solutions individually tailored to your specific business needs

Empowering individuals to set and achieve better goals – helping identify strengths and develop potential. By focusing on you and your business, we work to deliver outstanding results



HR support


Updating policies and procedures – troubleshooting specific employment issues – practical guidance on managing change. Our solutions are designed to match your needs, working hand in hand to support future business development

Partnership working to create projects designed to deliver change – and give your business the momentum it needs to go forward

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